"Nicole was kind enough to give me a half hour private reading in the winter of 2016. At the time I was struggling significantly to balance school and my relationships, all in the dead of Minnesota winter. Nicole's insights and kind delivery helped me to structure my understanding of the pain at hand. From once feeling very stuck, I slowly recognized all the choices and power I had given up. Nicole, her skill, and her cards helped to show me to myself. In the end, I shed a partnership that was riddled with unkindness and used the energy saved to apply myself to my school and career. However, more than these particulars, my reading was the little match that began a bonfire in me as I learned and dared to ask for what I really deserved and desired. In retrospect, I can now see my unhappy February as a growing pain in an otherwise lucky life. I would like to recommend Nicole on one last count, which is her enduring discretion. Linked by a web of friends, coworkers, and family in a few not-so-big cities, I was concerned about exposing some of my vulnerabilities. Thankfully, she's a great secret keeper! Thank you Nicole!'     -Anonymous

  "I was lucky enough to receive a Skype reading from Nicole several months ago; after being so moved by her Instagram presence and tarot practice we connected, and even across our mutually spotty internet connections she was so absolutely clarifying and thorough with our reading. The biggest gift I received from Nicole was the warmth and pragmatic realism of her channeling: she is a powerful reader who speaks in very accessible language, driven by the tools you need to tackle whatever problem is at hand! I entered the reading with a very large life question I felt like I was floundering with and Nicole helped me break it down into manageable steps and her view of the cards was both nuanced and direct. I've been referring back to my notes on our session ever since and have felt so many doors open for me internally as a result of her energy. I am so thankful for her insight, humor, empathy, and supportive perspective as a tarot reader and bringer of magic!!"     -Caitlin

"Nicole’s tarot readings are a breath of fresh air. I quickly discovered that distance makes no difference when it comes to the power and potency of the wisdom she has to share. All of my readings have taken place online or by mail (for her year ahead spread) and I’ve been consistently overwhelmed by the amount of thought, grace, and emotion she’s poured into them. She has a knack for breaking down each card’s meaning in terms that are easy to understand, and approaches her interpretations from a place that feels like you’re speaking with your best friend. She’s not going to sugarcoat, but she will push you to empower yourself. One of my favorite readings I had from her centered on the idea of my creative path. In it, Nicole explained that my creative self is currently in an apprentice-like state. To be completely honest, hearing that was such a relief! I no longer focus on the idea that I should be farther than I am by now, and have learned to embrace the idea that I’m still learning and still have years to improve and grow in my craft. I wholeheartedly support Big Mouth Tarot and highly recommend investing in a reading from Nicole."     -Stephanie

"Nicole is both insightful and unassuming. I have had many readings from her which have all rung true to things I already knew in my heart and to things I did not yet consider. Nicole is truly gifted and is amazing at making connections in her interpretations of readings. She will make you feel comfortable looking inward and in taking steps forward. I have so much appreciation for Nicole and her approach with sharing her talents!"     -Holly