Hello y'all. I'm Nicole, a Twin Cities-based (St. Paul to be exact) queer tarot reader, healer, and aspiring career coach who also has an interest in astrology, aura photographs, meditation, and crystals.

In the few years I've been immersed in tarot, I've gone from simply playing around with a deck I felt compelled to buy (at a Appleton, WI shop called Windows of Light, Angels Forever) to:

-creating my own Instagram account so that others may witness my journey, where I've since obtained a respectable and supportive following

-becoming a graduate of the first Brooklyn Fools Online Course

-holding tarot social hours and workshops out of my home

-writing a Monthly Medicine column for Of the Wolves as well as one for the Minneapolis-based Moon Sisters

-reading at The Future on a monthly basis, as well at holiday markets, queer dance parties, and private events

-completing a fabulous online course by tarot goddess Lindsey Mack

-offering in-person, Skype, and emailed readings on the regular

In the three years since I first selected that Rider Waite Smith deck, I'm proud to say that what my partner once considered only a 'hobby' has become not only my business, but my passion.